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  • No Call Out Fees.
  • No Hidden Charges.

Panda man with a van or a small truck!

We specialise in local moves around Melbourne and our modest size vehicles can save you money!

What will save you even more money is:

  • we don't charge travel time to get to you to start the job.
  • we don't charge a stair levy if you are not at street level.

This means we are usually CHEAPER THAN COMPETITORS over the total cost of the job.

Combine this lower overall cost with:

  • we can do jobs at short notice
  • our staff are mature, fit, fully trained men
  • we are fully insured

and you can see why Panda Man and Truck is the best choice for your move.

Just ring  03 9510 1007 to get started!

Worried you might have too much stuff for us?

Our truck with two men can efficiently move the contents of a 2 or 3 bedroom house without a problem. If you have any doubts, give us as call and tell us your circumstances. With our wealth of experience, we can advise you on the resources you need for your move.

With our experienced team, we can have your move completed sooner than you think.

Experience is the difference in a move that 'flows'. No surprises, nothing damaged, nothing overlooked.

And remember, we don't charge our time until we reach your premises which keeps more money in your pocket!

To book a man with a van or a truck in Melbourne, call us on 03 9510 1007.
We can make your move happen with the minimum of fuss!

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